baking SALT SAMPLER - salt + MUSTARD
baking SALT SAMPLER - salt + MUSTARD


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5 different baking salts to try: 

hibiscus rose- Finish off a cupcake with this lovely salt, that actually smells more like sugar. It's a great addition to a sweet profile. All types of cookies and chocolatey things are great pairings, picture double chocolate brownies or shortbread/

Using this salt as a cocktail rim is also an excellent idea. Try it with a watermelon daiquiri or something more sour, like a margarita, also a little sprinkle on top of your pint makes all the difference. Cheers!

oolong orange- Fresh citrus flavour with a warm finish, oolong orange BAKING SALT is amazing on cupcakes, with specialty cocktails and refreshing on salads, especially tabbouleh.


forest berry- Very berry salt amazing on ice cream and cookies.

earl grey- This salt is made with our all-time favourite tea. ​

It's amazing on cupcakes, carrot cakes, pumpkin pie, specialty cocktails and very intriguing on white fish.​

cardamom saffron- The fresh citrus and the sweet savory of the cardamom make this salt very distinctive in both aroma and flavour.

Great topping for carrot or ginger cakes, cupcakes + also suitable on chicken and fish dishes.

Perfect finishing to baked goods caramels, ice cream, cakes and cookies. 

Great for chicken dishes, salads and fries.

As well as cocktail rimmers.