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Restaurants/White Label 

Elevate beyond the ordinary.

Your chefs are masters of their craft and their creations are what keep customers coming back. But what do they have to work with? Distinguish yourself from off-the-shelf solutions with our small batch specialty infused salts and gourmet mustard. We also have a full suite of black garlic products that will satisfy the fussiest foodies that come through your doors.

Want something branded to your business? Why not consider working with us to create “white label” products for your table top or retail? Stand out from the rest. It’s a finishing touch that can make you more unique.




Consider salt as an elegant, traditional expression of your love

Salt has been used in wedding ceremonies all over the world for centuries. In one such ceremony both the bride and groom blend their salt together. Then, they use the blended salt in their daily cooking. When the salt gets low, they repeat the ceremony, refilling the salt container and having a constant reminder of their vows.

Why not share this special tradition with your family and friends on your wedding day with custom infused finishing salts.