black garlic ESSENTIALS SET - salt + MUSTARD

black garlic ESSENTIALS SET

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The black garlic ESSENTIALS pack has everything you need to make bold, memorable meals. The kit includes the full suite of our black garlic products. Enhance, experiment and elevate your favorite recipes with a touch of black garlic. But fair warning – you may not end up with any leftovers this year!


black garlic POWDER - = 1bulb

pairs great with mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and TURKEY!!


black garlic SALT - 4oz

great finish for just about every meal. Pasta, beef tenderloin, open faced tomato sandwich.....


black garlic MUSTARD - 4oz

lends itself swimmingly to sausages, red meats, flavoured butters, and sandwiches of course. We love it in a caesar salad dressing too.


black garlic VINEGAR - 4oz

use it in salad dressings, marinades and dipping sauces. It’s fantastic with fish and chips, chips, chips!!


black garlic HOTTIE – 2oz

for anytime you want to bring the heat. Add it to eggs, avocado toast, pizza, wings. It’s for everything and always. 

bamboo SPREADER - for getting all the MUSTARD out of the jar.