Consider salt as an elegant, traditonal expression of your love

Salt has been used in wedding ceremonies all over the world for centuries. In one such ceremony both the bride and groom blend their salt together. Then, they use the blended salt in their daily cooking. When the salt gets low, they repeat the ceremony, refilling the salt container and having a constant reminder of their vows.

Why not share this special tradition with your family and friends on your wedding day with custom infused finishing salts.

Or spread the love...

You can also consider adding a savoury treat from our selection of mustards. Our creations are luxurious and unique and make for a memorable takeaway for your families and guests. We can even concoct a special blend for you using ingredients that signify and celebrate the coming together of your two personalities into one distinct taste. Let’s talk about creating a truly memorable blend that celebrates you both for your guests to take home.