5 PACK salt - salt + MUSTARD black garlic salt herbal szechuan hibiscus rose umami mushrooms

finishing salt 5-PACK

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Elevate your culinary creations with our finishing salt 5- PACK, featuring a curated selection of artisanal salts handpicked to enhance your dishes. From delicate floral notes to bold smokey flavours, each salt offers a unique taste experience that will elevate your meals to new heights.

Perfect for seasoning meats, seasfood, salads, and even sweet goods, finishing salt 5-PACK is a must have for any discerning chef or food lover. Experience the difference that premium quality salts can make in your cooking and add a touch of gourmet flair to every dish.

Includes: black garlic salt, umami salt, hibiscus rose salt, herbal salt, and one of red eye salt/szechuan salt/ chili salt.   5 x 40gr.