stonefruit MUSTARD
stonefruit MUSTARD

stonefruit MUSTARD

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We will first explain what Stonefruit are....any fruit with a pit eg. plums, peaches, apricots, even raspberry's and pomegranates are considered stonefruit....but we like plums.

This mustard is by far our favorite! It is our take on honey mustard just not insanely sweet, just sweet enough however. 

We make our very popular Stonefruit Dressing with this one. It has a bit of a grain to it that adds the perfect amount of texture. Sandwiches, salads, marinades, we have even made candy with this one....weird right, but delicious!

Benefits of Stonefruit 

-contains many nutrients and Vit A, B, C, K/ as well as minerals potassium/ copper/ manganese/ rich in antioxidants/ lowers blood sugar/ promotes bone health/ keeps the heart healthy/ and of course they are super tasty!